​Our experience with Deborah Krasner has been amazing and our Golden Retriever Gunner thinks so too. Deborah and her technique was a refreshing and welcome change in our choice in dog training. It's a joy to watch how our Dog responds to her. Our good friends came to our home and said they could really see a difference in our dog and that was after just 1 visit. Deborah has passed on to us the tools to continue home training however she is so effective, there is a real difference of changed behavior after each visit. Not only is she pleasantly effective with our dog but she's really enjoyable for us to work with as well. If you are struggling as we were, look no further, worth every penny!


Amanda Willis - Thousand Oaks, CA

Diane Bentz, Registered Veterinary Technician along with Dr. Lowell Novy, DVM., owner of Valley Veterinary Clinic open their non-profit Spay and Neuter Clinic.


Deborah has been one of Valley Veterinary Clinic Charitable Nonprofit’s main education volunteers for many years now. Each year Deborah goes to Simi Valley schools teaching children the importance of good pet care, the significance of spaying and neutering and animal safety. Because of her dedication thousands of children around our community have had the opportunity to help improve their pet’s lives and make better decisions on choosing a pet. Deborah has been an asset to our community to both the pets and people.


Diane Bentz, RVT, Vice-President of Valley Veterinary Clinic Charitable non-profit Corporation

Deborah has done wonderful work with our clients and their pets for many years. She offers Puppy Kindergarten classes at our office once a month for new puppy owners, which tackles many of the questions and problems faced by them. She also offers behavior classes for owners who need help training their dogs. We appreciate her help and enjoy working with her.


Al Schwartz - DVM, Owner, Moorpark Veterinary Hospital

Deborah was recommended to us from Valley Vet in Simi Valley and what a great recommendation she was for training our Australian Shepherd puppy Remi. Being previous owners for 13 wonderful years of an Aussie we had already been working with Remi but wanted Deborah’s expertise since our training methods were a bit rusty and wanted to be sure we were taking the correct approach to training him. 


Deborah’s training method is refreshing with no raising your voice or choke chains involved. Kindness, praise and rewards go just as well for us humans as it does for our “fur family member” with great results. 


We were so impressed when Deborah first came to our home, our dog Remi amazed us with how responsive he was to her and worked with her as if he had been training with her for years. Her commands were so clear and precise that he got it immediately vs me who needed a little more practice based on my lengthy commands along with a few bad habits, which as Deborah explained and I appreciated, could be confusing to the animal. No wonder he would look at me with a question mark and look at Deborah with an, ok I got it, look. 


I really appreciated not only her working with Remi but also working with us. Remi loved when he would see Deborah walk through the door for his lessons. You can tell he highly respects her, which says a lot. 


Deborah’s positive training method is the way to go and I would recommend her to anyone. There needs to be more people in this world like Deborah who are so compassionate about how to treat animals. We hope to keep in touch with Deborah and have her return for the next level of training for Remi. 


Thank you Deborah.


Robyn S. - Simi Valley, CA

An excerpt from the initial email I received from Debi regarding Poppy Joy 

Dear Deborah,
I have been up since 6 a.m. and I worked a long full day. All I want is some peace, but Poppy Joy does not give it to me, and this makes me angry. I did not chose a large breed who needs a ton of exercise, she seems to need way more than I can provide... Let me know if you know anyone who might be a good re-home for Poppy Joy. I am at my wits end and I cry all the time. I am not enjoying her and that makes me so sad.

Follow up email I received from Debi six months after completion of training

Dear Deborah,
Thank you so much for all your training. You helped me so much. You are a wonderful gentle trainer and Poppy Joy and I really liked you. Poppy Joy is doing amazing. It is like she crossed a level of maturity in the last several weeks. She is funny, playful but so in control. We practice our commands as much as we can. She listens and is so well behaved.I have fallen head over heels in love with her. She is an amazing dog and she just keeps getting better and better. Thank you again.


Debi and Poppy Joy Genovese - Thousand Oaks, CA

I went to the puppy kindergarten class offered by my vet and Deborah led the event. I was amazed by what she could do with these lil pups in just a few minutes. I was frustrated with my puppy and decided that I needed some help with my wild and crazy German Shepherd mix. I was near the point of getting rid of the dog so I hired Deborah and she gave me the tools I needed to train my VERY high energy dog. Things were not always easy and I know my dog presented many challenges for Deborah, but I was absolutely amazed at her ability to get my wild & crazy dog to comply. It didn't alway work when I first tried a technique, but Deborah was there to help teach me as well. Simple foundational work that we did at the beginning has truly proved to be invaluable to maintaining control. And it's all been done with a positive rewards based system. I was used to the old school choke chain approach and I wasn't a big fan of bribing my dog with treats. (I always thought that a dog should do what they were supposed to do because you said so!) I found that the incentive for positive rewards has been a much better way of getting my dog to behave. I can't say my dog is perfect but that's just because my kids thought it was cute that the dog sat on the couch with them! :) I can't thank Deborah enough for all she's done to help make our dog a welcome part of the family.


Nina M. - Moorpark, CA


We had the pleasure of meeting Deborah Krasner when we adopted our cocker spaniel puppy this year. After the first training session, it was apparent that Deborah was an awesome trainer. It is truly amazing how she "dials" Buddy in to her, with just eye contact and gentle hand signals. Deborah also helped us with our older cocker spaniel Lady, that can't hear anymore, and we were having difficulty getting Lady to respond. Deborah does not use force like some other trainers. Along with Deborah's calm voice and gentle demeanor, we have 2 wonderfully trained cocker spaniels in our home.


Shannon Powers-Solomon - Moorpark, CA


Thank you so much for everything…you really are brilliant with dog training. You've helped us immensely!


Tonya & Justin Harrison - Moorpark, CA


Izzie was a rescue, I found her running the streets. It was obvious looking at her scars she had had been abused and she had many problems. I felt overwhelmed. I wanted to keep Izzie but I wasn’t sure how to help her with so many issues and problems. You really helped us get through the difficult and challenging times. Izzie and I can’t thank you enough.


Norm - Oxnard, CA